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Get You Some Photoshop Brushes And Make Them Neat and Tighty

The Internet is filled with mad amounts of free Photoshop brushes and I’m obsessed with downloading them and stirring up my Photoshop designs. Not only do they let me mix it up, but they help me out when I’m in a crunch. When a client wants some kind of jazzy flyer ASAP, I’d rather deliver them a good product and rake in the cash over turning down the job or giving them crap. Well, having a massive, organized Photoshop brush library helps me out in that department, too.

Notice I said, ORGANIZED. Yes, Photoshop brush organization will really help your workflow process.

First of all, where do you find free Photoshop brushes?

Downloading cool Photoshop brushes for free is easy. You just need to find a good website that gives them away and start browsing. Google “free photoshop brushes” and you’ll find several. If you’re looking for a specific kind of brush, Google that. For example, search for “grunge photoshop brushes” or “paint splatter photoshop brushes”.

My favorite Photoshop brush website is Brusheezy.

Oops! I just got sidetracked again… and downloaded a few more brushes while I was testing the Brusheezy link. Okay! Back to the blog here…

How do you install a Photoshop brush?

There are a couple ways to install a brush and use it in Photoshop. The lazy way if you’re in a hurry is just to download the brush file. The brush will be in the form of a .abr file. A lot of the times you will download the brush file that is in a ZIP package. So unzip the the ZIP file and open the .abr file with Photoshop. The brushes will appear in the brushes window when you select the Brush Tool (B). Easy, right?

The problem with that is you’ll tend to lose your brushes. If you’ve found a really cool Photoshop brush, you may not be able to find it next time you have the thought, “I should use that awesome grungy floral dog bone brush I used that last time. Wait, where the hell is it?!”

So to avoid this, put the Photoshop brush in the proper place on your computer’s hard drive. On a PC, you need to but the .abr file in Program Files > Adobe Photoshop > Presets > Brushes.

Photoshop Brushes

On a Mac, it’s essentially the same. Go to your Applications folder and put the.abr file in Adobe Photoshop > Presets > Brushes.

Photoshop Brushes

This way they’ll show up in Photoshop when you’re in the brushes window and you want to select a brush.

How do you organize your Photoshop brushes?

Okay, so if you’re like me, you’ll eventually bulk up your collection with a bunch of random brushes you like and want to keep. The problem is that when you select one in Photoshop they’re all in random order with random names and you end up selecting random ones until you find one that “will work.”

So first of all, in your Presets > Brushes folder, whatever the file is named is what will show up in Photoshop. So, for example, “johnnys_wicked_cool_paint_splatter_brush.abr” will show up as johnnys_wicked_cool_paint_splatter_brush in Photoshop. People that make brushes always give them funky names and then you end up seeing all this messiness when you’re in Photoshop.

So change the filename to something simple, clean and obvious. I like to name all of my Photoshop brushes with some sort of category name first. Photoshop automatically alphabetizes the names, so this makes it super easy to find the brushes.

Remember that any changes you make to files on your hard drive won’t show up in Photoshop until you restart Photoshop!

Here is an example of how I would name some of my Photoshop brushes:

Paint 01 (splatter).abr
Paint 02 (brushed).abr
Paint 03 (artist board).abr
Paint 04 (splatter).abr
Paint 05 (angry painter).abr

That way everything looks very clean in Photoshop and it’s easy to find the brushes you want when you want them.

Photoshop Brushes

Top 25 Free Abstract Light Photoshop Brushes

Play around with some of these abstract light Photoshop brushes. Apply them at different opacities and colors. Use different layer blend modes to layer them together and on top of other objects and gradients. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with!

We have another post on how to install and manage your Photoshop Brushes. (coming soon!)

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Step it Up in Photoshop by Taking Advantage of the Internet

One thing I’ve noticed in talking to a lot of Photoshop noobs over the years is that they don’t generally take advantage of the Internet. I think it’s mainly because they’re so overwhelmed with Photoshop out of the box that trying to find resources online seems like yet another foreign step.

But believe me, there are ways for even us intermediate level Photoshop artists to take advantage of the net in order to make Photoshop our bitch. When I tell a Photoshop noob to get online and start using the Internet with their projects, the first thing they assume I mean is to look at tutorials. Tutorials are great and you should always check out all the tutorials you can so you can learn other people’s techniques and add them to your mental vault – But people, trust me, you can use the Internet for even more!

Stock Photos

Whatever you’re making for your client, whether it be a website design, print ad or anything else, never underestimate the power of stock photography. It’s a great way to jazz up your work and make it look more professional.

The world is full of starving photographers that rock at what they do. So, what do these unappreciated artists do? They sell their work online on giant websites like iStock where they’re forced to compete with other awesome photographers doing the exact same thing. What does this mean for you? It means you can get your hands on professional photos in virtually any field at cheap ass prices.


There are a lot of people out there that like to take close-up pictures of random shit they see around the world. You’d be surprised how cool some of these texture pictures can look. The Internet is filled with royalty free textures. Just Google it up. You can also buy them for purchase generally on the same websites where you find stock images.

A lot of the time when you’re staring at a blank canvas in Photoshop, you don’t know where to start. You only have so many tricks in your mental vault to put on that background.

Well, next time you’re at a loss for inspiration go grab a stock texture image and spread it over the background of your canvas. Then, try putting different colors behind it and screwing around with the layer blend modes of the texture. Try different Image adjustments to the texture. Try different filters to the texture. Blur it a bit. You’ll eventually end up with something you never thought you could make!


So many people have posted awesome Photoshop brushes on the Internet. I think Photoshop noobs often underestimate the power of brushes because they see the crappy default ones in Photoshop and don’t realize the possibilities. And I think a lot of Photoshop pros feel like they’re cheating by relying on brushes. Truth be told, brushes really can open up our possibilities.

They don’t just provide you with easy way to create the little elements of your artwork, but they get you to expand your mental vault of tricks. You get to experience a different sense of design and expand your methods.

Sites like Brusheezy provide tons of free brushes in all different forms. Installing Photoshop brushes is easy and so you are able to quickly get going on your Photoshop design.


One thing I personally hate is picking out fonts and because most of Photoshop’s default fonts suck, I’m generally dreading my psd’s text fields! Well, once again, head to the net. It’s not secret you can download fonts off the Internet. However, it can often be just as overwhelming sifting through a website with 10,000 crappy fonts.

If you ask me, this is the hottest font resource on the net: www.Fawnt.com

Basically, people vote on the top 100 fonts available for free on the Internet and this simple website always has the current top 100. You can click on any of the fonts and find your way to their download page. So, stay on top of the most popular trends in fonts. Download and install a font on your computer and BAM, it’s in Photoshop. Easy as pie, baby.